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Oliver Raman
Director, East Machines, Australia

Sourcing and importing products can be a frustratingly slow and costly experience. Goods purchased may not be as expected either through mistakes in communication or worse, through fraud. A reliable, transparent local agent is not only invaluable but an essential intermediary when confronted with a different language or custom. Charlie contacted me just as I was looking to source a fairly obscure component. I knew these components must be available but without the local knowledge I had been unable to track them down. I had known Charlie from a previous company and when he explained the services he could provide I was happy to set the challenge to find this component. Charlie quickly located a supplier, negotiated a price and the deal was done. Charlie checked the product was as described, emailed photographs to confirm all was OK and organized shipment. Communication was excellent with regular updates - I am a very satisfied client. I wish Charlie all the best with his new venture and am happy to be contacted if I can be of further assistance.

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Mark Wilson
Director, Imaging Technical Services Ltd, UK

We were recommended to contact Charlie Lin as our representative during our business trip to China and we were very happy to have Charlie during our stay. He is a very professional and flexible agent and helped us to communicate and negotiate with all the suppliers. We also learned a lot about the industry and the culture. We will definitely continue to have a long term relationship with Charlie and thanks to him we now also have rewarding business contacts in China.

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Bryan Santamaria
Collabs Clothing, Sweden

My daughter and I have an online clothing apparel business, and we wanted to source a Chinese supplier, so my next step was my best decision... I contacted Charlie Lin from BizShenzhen. Charlie was very approachable and informative, and his English is of a very high standard. Charlie and I emailed and spoke on the phone, prior to our visit to China, and once in China, Charlie really became invaluable. As soon as we met him in person, he made us feel comfortable and safe; we knew we had made a very good decision on hiring Charlie. He helped us source the right suppliers and communicate our business needs. Overall we were very impressed, happy and satisfied with how our Chinese trip went... Charlie Lin had a lot to do with its success. I not only highly recommend Charlie Lin, but I encourage you to engage his very honest & professional business services; you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Charlie; meeting and knowing you has been a great blessing. Good luck to you and continued success with your business.

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Sam & Retta Mahoney
Babes, Beer & Barra, Australia

During my visit to China Mr Charlie Lin was my interpreter in fulfilling my mission of visiting China. Chinese is always Greek and Latin to me and finding right suppliers was time consuming and difficult. With Charlie's knowledge and experience a few phone calls were enough to find the right sources. Hence valuable time was saved and selection of good suppliers was quick. Further all you had to do was to visit the factories. Useful time was saved as Charlie knew the shortest routes and economical transport modes. So there was no time wasted browsing maps and the internet which would all be again in Chinese. Translation was in English and in verbatim of the supplier. Travelling time was efficient and getting me through the right transport system was time and money saving. His university English accent is good and clear. Overall Charlie could easily understand my requirements, get me on the sources, negotiate on the price amongst suppliers, strike the deal, link with good shippers and the product was ready for shipping. So Charlie made my sourcing business in China quick and easy. All was done well and thanks to Charlie Lin.

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Chairman, ES Group of Educational Institutions, INDIA

Charlie got great education and language practice abroad which allows him to speak and write in English freely. He dealt with my complicated tasks very well. He has good expertise in technology and bright mind. He accompanied me in several business trips in Shenzhen and other cities in China, and took a lot of effort to evaluate the capabilities of these companies for my reference. He also provided some valuable advice to me to understand Chinese people and customs, which helped me a lot in communicating with Chinese business partners. In short, he is a talented and trustworthy business professional, therefore I would like to recommend Charlie to be of help to anyone doing China-related business.

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Nickolay Kozlov
General Manager, Effire, Hong Kong
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James Chalk
Ecommerce entrepreneur, UK

I've known Charlie for years now and he's a trusted and dependable friend and businessman. We've done countless business transactions together and he's helped my company do more business in China. Charlie a transparent and standup guy with a love for what he does. I encourage anyone wanting to do more business in China, specifically the electronics sector to check him out!

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Antonio Polite
CEO, Merchant Print, United States

I got to know Charlie because once he brought a foreign buyer to our company. Together with the buyer, they found us on the internet in the first place and came to our company directly. Charlie did a very good job in conveying the buyer's complicated requirement to us as well as in describing our products to the buyer in a very forthcoming way. Above all, Charlie never asked for a kickback, so we were able to offer the client best price possible. Even after the order is through, Charlie did the coordination between the buyer and us in a very fast way, so the production and delivery were done without any delay. As a result, the buyer was very satisfied with our company and will continue doing business with us. Thank you Charlie. (Translated from Chinese)

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Candy Nie
Marketing Director, Sonuo Technology, China

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