Factory audit service is offered especially for buyers who want to verify the identity and access the quality of their new or even old suppliers, and occasionally need technical coordination, pre-delivery inspection, etc. We can visit the suppliers on your behalf to finish all the assigned tasks and present to you full written report, meeting minutes, testing results, etc for your further evaluation with confidence.

Verification and evaluation

We can research or request the business credentials(registration and official documents etc) of your suppliers, take photos of the factory, office, production process, warehouse or engineering area, talk with the sales, engineers, etc, and present to buyers full written report, meeting minutes, testing results, etc for their decision-making with confidence.

Testing verification

Buyers could have trouble in talking about technical details with some sales who are technically unsound, the result is, for example, when buyers come to China, it turns out their technical requirements actually cannot be met. If you entrust us to verify the technical possibility, we can analyze your requirements in the first place, and visit your suppliers in China directly to meet their engineering team to find out whether they can really meet your technical requirements and standards. Thus, we can save your time because soon you will know whether you need to stick with this supplier or shift to a new one.

Pre-delivery inspection

Buyers can have concerns before shipment when they buy either an expensive sample or a large batch of goods. We can go to your supplier and inspect the products at your instruction and offer you a full written report. In this way, you can lower the possibility of returns with heavy shipping cost and increase the quality of the goods in general.

Technical support

Sometimes it happens, when problems occur in the products that your purchased, some of your suppliers or the salespeople in their side can be uncooperative (either because of ill technical knowledge or poor accountability) in technical support. Meanwhile, you have a large crowd of customers in your local country that await the technical solutions so badly. Then we can be of service to you, we can go to your suppliers to coordinate with their engineering team to analyze the causes and solve the technical problems at the earliest.

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