Charlie Lin is the founder / blogger / sourcing agent / interpreter at BizShenzhen (, a platform that is committed to bridging the gap between earnest global buyers and their best Chinese suppliers. Based in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China as well as the world's largest manufacturing center of electronics, Charlie has rich work experience as a supplier in the past and presently as a sourcing agent & interpreter, he has been to Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Dongguan for trade shows, business negotiations or factory tours. He founded to support global buyers by providing professional high-quality business services including sourcing, buying, shipping, factory audit, interpreting, etc with trustworthiness, transparency and timeliness.

Why Charlie Lin?

1. As an interpreter, CharlieLinis ready to reach out for potential suppliers for the clients he serves without draining profit in between, for example, by acting as a trader without the client's knowledge. Therefore, thepotential suppliers are very comfortable with Charlie's presence and very much like to talk to him as if they are communicating with a Chinese-speaking colleague of the buyer. In some cases, throughout the business negotiation, the suppliers are never left with the impression that Charlie is an interpreter. In other words, the suppliers find Charlie's presence very beneficial to the formation of healthy business relationship with their clients. As a result, they are more likely to offer the best price, quality and service to the buyer out of accountability and integrity to their friends including the clients and Charlie.



2. As an interpreter, Charlie keeps strict work ethics of being an interpreter including keeping the clients'full information fully confidential. Charlie was a businessman himself, he knows the business confidentiality is a matter of life for a company. For example, when he displays the photos about his services to the clients, he ensures to pixelate all marks of companies visited by the clients. (If possible, Charlie can even pixelate the clients'faces in the photos or display no photos at all if the clients require)

3. As a sourcing agent, Charlie was an international sales himself for several years. He gained valuable experience in meeting buyers' requirements, communicating with the engineers, arranging production and logistics, following up the order and offering needed aftersales service or technical support. Charlie knows deeply that the buyers are very thirsty and earnest in realizing their technical specifications, ideal quality and timely reception of the products, thus being very answerable and professional in serving his clients.

4. As a sourcing agent, Charlie joins in many Chinese social networks (such as Wechat and QQ groups) which are full of active high-quality suppliers who are very diligent and earnest in seeking new business opportunities, especially new buyers. And Charlie is happy to reach these connections to find suitable suppliers for his clients.

5. Charlie is a person with full respect and appreciation to diverse cultures and people, he never stereotypes other cultures, instead, he believes the humanity is universal in all people from different countries, nations, beliefs and cultures. Not only that, if the clients are interested, Charlie is ready to introduce to them the real pictures of Chinese people, cultures, minds, traditions and habits.