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We are a Product Sourcing and Business Guide service provider from Shenzhen in China

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Foreign buyers face difficulties in identifying suppliers in China matching their requirements, because there are countless suppliers and manufacturers who vary in business credentials, production and engineering capabilities, level of professionalism, responsibility in technical support, capability of export and foreign language communication skills, etc. Based in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China as well as the world's largest manufacturing center of electronics, BizShenzhen founded by Charlie Lin is a product sourcing company committed to bridging the gap between serious global buyers and best suppliers especially Chinese manufacturers by providing high-quality business services including sourcing, buying, shipping, factory audit, interpreting with trustworthiness, transparency and timeliness.

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Trustworthiness, Transparency and Timeliness

Tips on visiting Shenzhen and beyond

Tip 1: What is the best place to visit in Shenzhen or even in whole China for sourcing electronics?

It is known as the largest electronics market in China. Though frankly it is said to be...

Tip 2: What are the best online stores for electronic products in China?

you can buy finished goods with absolute originality from Official Flagship...

Tip 3: What other cities can I easily access if you come to Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is the 4th largest city in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou...

Tip 4: Should I hire a car or an interpreter who drives a car?

there are many alternatives to hiring a car including taxi-ordering Apps...

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This client Mr. Oliver Raman, director of East Machines, Australia offered a video testimonial to BizShenzhen on Sept 2, 2016. On the top of our homepage is only a small part of the interview, click below button if you would like to see the full video... See the full video

Oliver Raman, Director, East Machines, Australia


Sourcing and importing products can be a frustratingly slow and costly experience. Goods purchased may not be as expected either through mistakes in communication or worse, through fraud. A reliable, transparent local agent is not only invaluable but an essential intermediary when confronted with a different language or custom... Read more

Mark Wilson, (Director) Imaging Technical Services Ltd, UK


Charlie could easily understand my requirements, get me on the sources, negotiate on the price amongst suppliers, strike the deal, link with good shippers and the product was ready for shipping. So Charlie made my sourcing business in China quick and easy. All was done well and thanks to Charlie Lin... Read more

S.Selvamani, Chairman, ES Group of Educational Institutions, INDIA


Charlie got great education and language practice abroad which allows him to speak and write in English freely. He dealt with my complicated tasks very well. He has good expertise in technology and bright mind. He accompanied me in several business trips in Shenzhen and other cities in China, and took a lot of effort to evaluate... Read more

Nickolay Kozlov, General Manager, Effire, Hong Kong

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